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Remote Online Notary

Even if you're not in Florida we can virtually notarize your documents in a remote online session (RON)! Our notary uses a secure RON service provider, as required by Florida law, to validate the customer's identity and record the audio/visual signing.


Here's how it works:

1) Contact our office to schedule an appointment. We ask that you attempt to schedule at least 24 hours in advance. However, we can usually accommodate a same day appointment. Please note a fee may be charged if you require a same day appointment that will be after-hours.

2) Once we confirm your date/time and type of notarization needed, you will be able to submit your forms so they can be prepared for signing. While some of the spaces in the form can be filled out in advance, do NOT sign or initial anything before your actual signing appointment! Also, please make sure your document has the appropriate oath/affirmation/acknowledgment required by Florida law. CLICK HERE to see samples of the required wording. If you need the Notary to add it to the document we can but you must tell us which type of statement (oath or acknowledgment) you need. If you're unsure which one you need, please contact your attorney.

3) You will receive an email invitation to join the RON signing appointment via a link provided in the email. 

4) Open the email and click on the link. You will follow the directions to pass the ID verification that is required by Florida law. During this process you will be asked to provide a photo of your government issued photo ID and pass a series of KBA questions.

5) After your ID has been verified the notary will ask you some questions. You will then sign the document when instructed to do so. The notary will sign and place the notary seal on the document. 

6) Once the session is completed and payment has been verified you will receive your notarized document. 

That's it! Your document has been notarized and you're able to proceed with your day! Simple and easy

Ready to get started? To begin the process use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us OR you may click below to contact us/request to upload documents. 

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